Billions of pounds are spent on car research and development every year. Car AI is improving to the extent that given a few years your car will be deciding it’s time for it to be cleaned and will get in a paddy with you unless you go for the £20 superwax deluxe option. However, these […]

    Have you ever wondered what the most expensive car in the world might be? Is it a Porsche or a Ferrari, maybe even a Lamborghini? And what exactly would the price tag look like on the world’s most expensive car?  With a car so expensive, there probably are not many of them on the road.  […]

      As February crashes into 2009, and we’re in the throes of the worst recession ever™ everyone is debating, should I buy a new car or service my old banger? The decision to buy a new car is one of the bigger financial decisions you will likely make during your life.  New cars are not cheap […]