This morning I was stuck in a traffic jam. It was longer than usual, probably due to the fact that the pollen count was higher which resulted in a sneeze and thus a traffic jam, or something just as abstract. However, when I was in this jam I was sitting astride a Mercedes garage. Looking […]

    So the phone went off and I saw, much to my happiness that I had a text. It wasn’t from Vodafone, it was from a real life friend and it made me happy, then upon seeing it, sad and full of dread. It said: “My car’s died – can you come with me this weekend […]

      As February crashes into 2009, and we’re in the throes of the worst recession ever™ everyone is debating, should I buy a new car or service my old banger? The decision to buy a new car is one of the bigger financial decisions you will likely make during your life.  New cars are not cheap […]