Picture the scene….it’s a Sunday night – I’m thinking about cars and what shirt to wear tomorrow – it’s nearly time for bed then, all of a sudden the other half says, “It’s the Oscars tonight, would you like to watch the dresses on E!?” Hmmm  – not really.

Two hours of sitting there looking at Armani dresses later and I pondered in my head, ‘what are the most significant things that have happened in the car world these past 12 months? Surely more significant than the cut of a dress’ So I decided to write a list of the things that I think are the most important car related moments of 2011. Please feel free to disagree…

1)    Sebastian Vettel wins his second World Title.
Significant why? Well he races for a drinks manufacturer and he’s the youngest chap ever to do it. That’s impressive… what are the odds that he’ll do three in a row? Well I won’t bet against him (Actually I don’t bet).

2)    Ford creates a car that parks itself
A Ford! That parks itself?! This is certainly wondrous times that we live in. Next up a car that does 100mpg and picks your nose for you – I can’t wait.

3)    Subaru laps the TT course at 115mph
Just look at the video….

4)    Button’s last lap in Canada
We waited for that shampoo salesman to do something and he did, oh he did. A fabulous lap that required depths that I think even surprised himself.

5)    Mini Coupe is Launched
After the awful Countryman is released, BMW redeems itself. Believe me they do – I’ve driven one. Awesome.

6)    Petrol goes down Slightly
And now it’s going back up….

7)    Sebastian Loeb wins title number eight
He is the driver that Michael Schumacher wishes he was – inch perfect for years and years and years

8)    Hamilton and Massa get friendly
I love seeing nerds fight, and this has all the hallmarks of a cracker. What will Massa, with his £250,000 watch do to Hamilton and his sparkly ear rings? Give him a slap and whine about him on the radio. Fun, fun, fun. If you want to see proper fighting in the Formula 1 paddock – speak to Sutil. Oh wait, he’s not there anymore.

9)    Hybrids start to appear
First off you had the Prius and now Toyota has a normal car with it. Honda have released the Jazz and more and more are coming on to the market. The future’s electric-ish. Not electric. Not at all….

10)    SAAB Goes Under
Any car manufacturer that makes jet planes and used to make two-stroke cars is a winner for me, but as I’ve never bought a SAAB and know no one who has ever had one, I can understand why the ‘quirky’ machines have failed. If you have a bit of money you don’t make it by being different, you do it by being a conformist, which is why BMW and Audi will always win….

And this is my list – what’s yours? Do you have a top 10 like me? Disagree with anything I’ve said? Why not comment and let us know.

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