On board an Air France flight, a suicidal passenger tried to open the door and jump 32,000ft to her death. This could have caused catastrophe problems on board the airplane.

According to Air France, Anne Gilmore, age 47, had to be restrained by an Air France hostess when she tried to turn the handle and open the airplane door during the flight. If she succeeded at opening the door to jump out of the plane, she would have caused an “explosive depressurisation” inside the cabin of the plane. This would have exposed everyone in the cabin to temperatures of about -58C.

Later on, Anne Gilmore told police that she had planned to jump out of the Air France plane, because it seemed like a “good way to die.” She admitted to reckless conduct after a psychiatrist ruled that she was mentally fit to plead.

The prosecutor, Alasdair MacLeod, said on Air France flight 50554, leaving Charles de Gaulle Airport, the cabin crew saw the woman starting for the airplane door. One of the crew members, Francoise Ulbricht saw the woman holding the door handle and trying to open it. Miss Ulbircht was able to pull the woman away from the door. Another crew member, Maria Taunton, escorted Glimore back to her seat where she told Miss Taunton that she wanted to open the door to kill herself.

The defendants lawyer, Ronnie Renucci, said that she was suffering from depression, as well as anxiety. He also noted that the client’s intention was not to harm or endanger anyone on the plane, but herself. Last, but not least, Ronnie went on to say that, last month in Canada, the same thing had happened but a man was able to open the door and leaped out of the plane at 23,000ft, and the plane was able to land safety. Thus, he was saying that the passengers on the plane were in no real danger.

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