Passengers were left confused and angry after the Air India jet they were travelling on to Heathrow Airport from Mumbai was diverted to Gatwick where it sat on the tarmac for around eight hours. The passengers were apparently told that the reason for the diversion was dense fog.

According to a Gatwick spokesman, the airliner was not being allowed to take off because it was waiting for a crew. Sussex police were called in as tempers on board the flight started to get heated. Air India has still not made any comment as to why passengers were not allowed to disembark after landing at Gatwick.

Rahul Joglekar, a reporter for the BBC World Service, said it was not made clear to those on board why they were being prevented from disembarking for the terminal. He added that many of his fellow passengers appeared to be losing their sense of humour about the situation.

Another passenger, Mark Shorey, said he was still not sure what had happened. He explained that after landing in Gatwick he was already back in London and could easily have travelled the rest of the way home from there.

Jas Johal, also travelling to Heathrow, said although there were constant promises of food, crew just handed out crisps and Coca Cola. He said that after eight hours in the cabin without proper food, people were losing their cool. Having taken off from Gatwick, passengers had a 20 minute flight to Heathrow, where they were handed a note of apology as they disembarked.