A flight attendant has been fired by American Airlines for posting videos online in which he mocks his bosses while dressed in drag. Gailen David from Miami has produced a series of videos in which he mocks the carrier’s financial problems.

The YouTube films have proved to be very popular and David also publishes gossip on his website about the airline. According to David, he was dismissed by AA because of the content of his videos and because he had refused to take them down after being asked to by his bosses.

However, American Airlines said that David had been dismissed because he was promoting rival airlines as well as publishing private details about customers of the airline.

Bruce Hicks, a spokesman for AA, said in a statement that David had been warned previously about conflict of interest and passenger privacy violations. He added that AA was very serious about the privacy of its passengers and did not allow workers to violate that trust.

David claims that the purpose of his videos was to expose the truth about AA and help to turn around its fortunes. The carrier filed for bankruptcy at the end of last year. David said that he was concerned that AA was no longer putting the customer first and that the airline was dropping behind the competition. He added that he intended to keep posting his films on the net and letting people know the truth about his former employer.