Lately there have been a growing number of problems with trains getting caught in tunnels. Although travelers would like to hear the end of these stories, unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon apparently. This is because yet another Eurostar train has been left stranded in the tunnel on its way from Brussels to London.

Eurostar confirmed this morning that the train, which left Brussels at 8:05am was due to arrive at London St Pancraas around 8:56am. However, the train had been delayed while crossing the channel. It is not yet known why the train stopped in the tunnel, but authorities said it was expected to be on the move shortly. Further details about this recent delay in the tunnel are expected to be released later this week.

This newest and latest embarrassment comes just weeks after hundreds of passengers were trapped in the tunnel for hours when five trains became immobilized due to the affects of snow on their electronics. It’s hard to tell if this latest event had anything to do with weather or if there was something wrong with the train. Either way, the train did stop in the tunnel.

Services have been suspended for several days and 75,000 passengers were thought to be caught up in the backlog as restricted services caused travel chaos all over the Christmas period. Although people would like to see an end to this travel chaos, that will not happen until the cold weather and snow comes to an end in the UK. Until then, people need to be expecting delays and cancellations when trying to travel.