A British Airways jet has been grounded following a passenger report that she had been bitten by bedbugs onboard.

28 year-old Zane Selkirk, a business executive from California, said that she suffered from bedbug bites on two recent BA flights, the first on the 28th of January as she flew from Los Angeles to London and the second on 5th of February from Bangalore to London.

Selkirk said that she had seen one bedbug on the seat in front of her before the first flight took off and later a half-dozen more crawling on her shirt when she went to the toilet. She said that then we she returned to London about a week later she became very itchy and found over 90 bedbug bites on her body.

The executive said that BA staff was unhelpful and unresponsive through the ordeal. In response, she posted her experience on a website she created and since then BA has apologised and grounded the Boeing 747 for treatment. However Selkirk said that the apology came only after media reports.

A spokesman for the airline said that the company runs more than 250,000 flights annually and that reports of bedbugs on its aircraft were very rare. He added that the company still remains vigilant of the problem and when reports surface that the involved aircraft is investigated and treated if necessary.