A new report commissioned by British Airways has suggested that many items brought on holiday are never used.

The study, conducted by Opinion Matters, showed that around 90 per cent of British holidaymakers never use 30 per cent of the things they take with them on a given break. Travellers participating in the survey were asked to list strangest and most random items they’ve ever taken on a holiday; responses included a large number of British culinary items, including Marmite, tea kettles, peanut butter, super noodles and sardines.

Abigail Comber, brand marketing head for British Airways, said to reporters that Britons on holiday generally don’t want to have to choose between toiletries, books or teabags, or to have only half of their children’s holiday clothes in the effort of avoiding excess baggage charges. She added that the statistics show that one in every five passengers makes no effort to check on baggage limits before travelling.

According to the survey, Scots and travellers from the east of England have paid more in baggage fees than those from elsewhere in the UK. Throughout Britain, more than 40 per cent of respondents admitted to packing at least three sets of shoes or at least 10 pairs of underwear.

BA officials are encouraging passengers to watch its official Youtube videos before travelling, which feature expert packing tips.