Heathrow airport’s owners have admitted the facility will always struggle with snowfall.

The Spanish-owned company said this week that it will continue to see problems whenever significant winter weather moves through the capital because the facility is running at 99 per cent capacity.

The news comes just days after the airport was forced to cancel hundreds of flights amid snowfall at the weekend, drawing fire from numerous sources following prolonged problems and the baggage fiasco seen at the facility last winter. Officials said that some of Saturday and Sunday’s cancellations were the result of airline staff and crews being stranded at other airports.

Some 41 per cent of all flights scheduled to depart on Sunday had been cancelled, with about a third of those called off before the snow began to fall in the effort of preventing disruptions spilling over into Monday.

But a spokesman for the BAA said that such problems would continue to persist as long as the airport is running at full capacity.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the David Cameron said that the Prime Minister defended the BAA in it’s decision to act ahead of the weather at the weekend, saying that the company had to make swift decisions based on the information they had been provided with at the time, which suggested they should cancel some flights.

However, the situation continues to draw uproar, after one pilot said the scene at Heathrow on Saturday night was “carnage”.