It now seems that the well known disputes between British Airways and its cabin crew members are heading to the high court. This announcement comes as the Unite union, the union that represents thousands of British Airways cabin crew, chooses to take legal action against the carrier’s cost cutting plans. However, lawyers seem to think that the courts are unlikely to grant the orders due to the precedent that it would set for public policy.

As of right now, Unite union is trying its best to obtain a court order to stop British Airways’ proposed alterations to its working arrangements for its cabin crews. On top of this, the union has been threatening strike action against the carrier as well.

British Airways said that the new working arrangements for the cabin crew are to start as of November 17th. However, the union is arguing that they will hit pay, terms and conditions for workers at a time when British Airways is cutting thousands of jobs and even offering up pay freezes. However, British Airways is insisting that the changes will not alert contractual terms and conditions for individual crew members. They are also saying that it will resist the injunction application.

The cabin crew has already come forward to vent their anger against British Airways at a rally, which attracted 2,500 members of the Unite union. It was here where the members of the union voiced their concerns over the cuts the company is planning to make. British Airways has already told the media that it is in a fight for survival, and these cuts have to be made.