It now seems that the well know UK based airline British Airways has now come forward on its new increase in baggage charges, which is due next month. Many people have already heard about this new fee due to the fact that it was suppose to come out this month. However, since the airline had to update its systems, the new baggage fee is set for next month.

This latest rise in fees will push up the cost of checking in a third bag when traveling on a long haul flight. The fee is set to push up the price from £32 to £72 starting November 10th for economy class passengers. British Airways has pointed out, however, that if people choose to check in their bags at the airport, the fee will shoot up to £90.

This latest increase in baggage charges follows a long list of additional charges that have been introduced by airlines all over the world. British Airways is just one of the airlines that has been introducing these charges.

Some experts point out that British Airways actually lost £401 million in the last financial year. Thus, this big loss could explain why this airline, and many other airlines, are increasing their fees. This could help lighten a rather big blow dealt out by the drop in travel demand.

This new British Airways charge actually falls in line with a number of American carriers’ charges as well. Many of these airlines are also imposing a $50 levy on passengers who check in a second bag on transatlantic flights.