As many have already heard, the talks between the Unite union and the carrier British Airways are underway again. Apparently the union is urging British Airways to avoid job cuts. After the meeting took place, Unite union said that the ball was now in British Airways’ court. Further meetings are already planned between the British Airways boss, Willie Walsh, and the union for next week.

The Unite national officer, Steve Turner, said that they have urged the company to remove the threat of imposition so that they can continue talks on October 21 with a view of finding a mutually acceptable solution. He continued by saying that it’s all in British Airways’ hands now. Removing the threat of imposition would let common sense break out and allow a solution to be found.

Other union sources said that if the imposed changes were removed at that meeting, then further discussions would be held. However, no progress has been made, just like British Airways had said before the meeting took place. Thus, the ballot for industrial action seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, Willie Walsh flew into the United States to try and make some progress with the company’s plans to tie up with American Airlines. Willie Walsh is seeking approval for a tie up, and he thinks that United States regulators will probably approve a proposed British Airways and American Airlines alliance without requiring the carriers to surrender flights to rivals at London’s Heathrow airport. However, nothing has been decided as of yet, and both airlines still have to wait for the announcement from United States regulators.