The chief executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh, said that he was very confident that the airline’s very first all-business flight would be able to turn a profit within a year. Reports went on to say that Willie Walsh actually joined 31 other passengers on board the inaugural flight from London to JFK airport in New York.

The flight used an Airbus A319. This is the type of plane that would normally carry about 100 economy passengers. However, this plane had been specially reconfigured into an all business aircraft with 32 flat beds. This is also the very first aircraft to allow passengers to use their mobile phones, iPhones, and Blackberries. Passengers were also able to send emails and send text messages on board.

The British Airways flight arrived at the JFK airport and was greeted by two fire trucks that were spraying a jet of water over the plane to make an arch. This is a very traditional custom for the launch of a new service like this one.

Mr Walsh went on to say that this is just what people have come to expect from British Airways. He said that he expects fantastic success from these all business class flights and suggested that this will not be the last flight that gets this kind of makeover.

Although the launching of this new service seems like a great idea, some think otherwise. As the plane arrived at the airport there was a small group of protesters standing outside. However, many are not sure what the protesters were really protesting at the time, but it did seem to be in relation to the new route launched by British Airways.