As many people have already heard, British Airways is in danger of having to deal with a strike this coming Christmas. Although this is very bad news for the airline, it is also bad news for all of the travelers that have already booked tickets with the airline.

Just recently, the British Airways’ cabin crew began their voting over Christmas strike action. This strike ballot was called in protest against the new employment rules that include a two year pay freeze and reduced holidays. It is also said that the new rules would include fewer benefits.

The ballot, which is open to all 14,000 British Airways’ cabin crew members will be closed as of December 14th. This means that the strike could start as soon as December 21st. This would mean that the cabin crew could miss the holiday rush, causing a lot of mayhem for, not only the airline, but travelers as well.

Under the new rules, which have already been put into affect by British Airways, more than 3,000 crew members will shift to part time contracts. Another 1,000 will take voluntary redundancy. The new recruits that get hired from here on out will receive fewer long haul allowances.

Of course, it is not all bad news for British Airways. Just recently British Airways and Iberia announced that they have finally reached an agreement with the merger talks. Although the final contract is not finalized, the two companies are moving forward with the merger, which could be just the break that both struggling airlines need. However, both carriers do have a mountain of debt.