According to UK travel organisers Thomson, the current unrest in Greece is having little or no effect on British holidaymakers in the country. A spokeswoman for the travel agent said that, so far, there had been no reports of any problems. She pointed out that most travellers were heading to the resorts, where demonstrations were extremely unlikely.

Protesters have been turning out in their thousands to rally against the Government’s proposed tax increases and austerity cuts. There has also been a 48-hour strike by workers in Athens, which has ended now and appears to have had a minimal effect on holidaymakers.

The Foreign Office had originally warned that the strike, which involved air traffic controllers, would mean that for at least 24-hours no aircraft would be able to fly in or out of Greek airspace. However, according to the airlines, the trouble has been averted. British Airways said that its services had been operating as usual. Thomson said that although there were a number of delays on its services, it managed to operate without having to cancel any flights.

On the ground in Athens there has been some public transport disruption due to the protests and some of the city’s major tourist attractions, such as the Acropolis, have had to close. Currently the Foreign Office has issued a caution warning to British travellers in Greece to stay away from large crowds and demonstrations.

Thomson warned that anyone who cancelled their trip to Greece would do so at their own cost, unless the Foreign Office issues a warning not to travel to the region.