According to a new survey published by TripAdvisor, Brits are likely to drink more alcohol when away on holiday than any other nation in Europe. The study revealed that 65 per cent of holidaymakers from the UK drink more while they are away than they would when at home.

The survey polled 6,000 travellers from across Europe and found that 29 per cent of Brits admitted to having at least five alcoholic beverages a day when abroad. This was compared to just 10 per cent of other Europeans. The average number of drinks consumed by the British is three where other Europeans are more abstemious with just the one.

The poll also looked at the smoking habits of holidaymakers. The Italians are the most likely to light up while away with respondents from the UK the least likely. Brits are also the most careful when it comes to venturing out in the sun with 94 per cent saying they were careful about applying sun cream. Only four per cent admitted that they were not careful about sun protection at all.

Respondents were also rated on how healthy they were when on holiday. The healthiest scored five points and the least healthy scored one. The average for UK travellers was three. The most healthy proved to be the Spaniards and the least healthy were the Italians.

Emma O’Boyle from TripAdvisor said it was encouraging to see that Brits were careful about the sun and the least likely to smoke while on holiday but that the level of drinking was a worry.