It now seems that Brits that are taking those last minute trips to Europe during their holidays are forgetting or just leaving without insurance. AA Travel Insurance points out that some are even leaving without their passports.

Tourists from all over the UK are taking a risk by choosing not to or forgetting to take out insurance before they head over to Europe. At the same time, by booking these late travel planes, they are also missing out on some of the best travel deals that the industry has ever seen.

Reports from AA Travel Insurance show that more than 50 percent of the European single trip travel insurance polices are bought within three days before departure. Sometimes these polices are picked up just hours, or sometimes even minutes, before heading off to Europe.

The director of AA Travel Insurance, Christian Young, says that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office figures also suggest that 17 percent of Brits that travel to Europe go without any kind of coverage at all. He goes on to say that people are leaving things until the last minute and have less time to get well organized for their trip and pick up insurance. He thinks that most people are just forgetting insurance, much in the same way that some are leaving without their passports.

Christian Yong also noted that European travel is very easy these days. This is thanks to ferries that will take travelers across the channel and budget airlines offering great deals on flights form the UK to mainland Europe. However, travelers can find themselves very badly out of pocket by missing out on advance deals.