A recent survey asking Brits to choose the rudest nation on the planet has resulted in a clear win by France. The poll, organised by Skyscanner, found that 19 per cent of respondents considered their closest neighbours to be short on politeness, curt and abrupt despite being linked to the UK by train, having some of the best food on the planet and a capital which is regularly perceived as the most romantic in the world.

Second place for rudeness was awarded to the Russians. Although it is true that a growing affluence in the country means that more Russians are bumping into Brits while abroad, Tatiana Danilova, Russian Marketing Manager for Skyscanner tried to explain.

She said that what the Brits often perceive as rudeness is actually a difference in culture and language. English is a politer language than Russian which means it can often sound abrupt, even though the Russian speaker is not meaning to be rude, she added.

Interestingly, the traditional nemesis of the British, the Germans, only managed to grab fourth place in the poll. With a score of 10 per cent the Germans were beaten to third place by the Brits themselves.

With a little over 10 per cent of the vote Britons revealed that they were well aware of their own shortcomings. Many respondents said they felt that other nations saw some British holidaymakers as crude, poorly behaved and rude.