This summer, is offering special discount prices for numerous attractions and events with its ‘Get Out More’ campaign.

A number of families have been affected by the recession and have had to constrict their spending. has started its latest campaign, Get Out More, to provide families with an option to save on costs during what could otherwise be an expensive summer vacation.

The Get Out More promotion presents a more affordable option, with a variety of holiday opportunities available at discounted prices. Vouchers, codes and more information can be found and downloaded via the website. The campaign will continue on until the end of September this year.

All details regarding individual deals and terms and conditions can be also found online. The Get Out More Campaign encourages customers to visit the UK’s free countryside regions for outdoor activities, as several companies are offering discounts on equipment such as hiking and camping gear. Managing Director, Gareth Robinson, found it was necessary for families to make “savings where they can this summer”. The Get Out More promotion will encourage UK families to enjoy their summer holidays for less money. compares deals from various rental companies in more than 9,000 sites worldwide.