Customers choosing to fly with the US-based Continental Airlines will soon be allowed to request exit-row seats with additional legroom – for a small cost.

The fourth-largest US air carrier, Continental has stated that it will not be undertaking any modifications of its existing fleet of planes to accommodate the decision, and that the number of seats will vary from plane to plane based on size. A group spokesperson said the move was simply a matter of giving customers what they had said they wanted.

The cost for the extra legroom on Continental flights depend on the how popular the route taken is and for how long plane is in the air for. In unveiling the new move, a carrier spokesperson claimed that a surcharge of $59 would be applied for a domestic booking on the Houston-New York route. No costs were provided for international travel other than airline acknowledging that the fee would be higher than that of domestic.

The new legroom charges will roll-out on March 17, when economy class passengers will be able to ask and pay for the special exit-row seats at the time of check-in. These seats average around seven inches more than other standard economy seats in legroom. The exit row seats are also available to Continental’s frequent-flyer premium members who accumulate a t least 25,000 air miles per annum and their travelling companions, who can still request the exit row seating without paying any additional charges.