It now seems that delegates from airlines all over the world will be heading to Dubai to take a look at the Mercator showcase. Here, airline companies will be able to take a look at this company’s new technology for the airline industry as a whole.

The event is set to take place over the course of two days. Airlines will see initiations on fast travel, as well as how to respond to growing passenger demands. Some technology will also be leaning towards giving passengers more control over their journeys than ever before.

One example of the things that airlines will see at this show include things like the self-service check-in counters that are already in use in some places around the world. These new counters are able to save passengers a great deal of time, while saving airlines a great deal of money.

The Vice President of Sales and Market Development for Mercator, Duncan Alexander, said that they are very delighted to use this event as a way to highlight their latest products to the industry. He went on to say that Mercator has continually enhanced and maintained the core of its reservation and departure control technology. However, the current global economic climate proves that airlines need to keep costs down, and Mercator is here to help them do that.

This show promises to offer airlines new ideas and technology that can, not only improve their relationships with their customers, but also help them to save money while doing it. This could prove to be a very important show for airlines to attend.