Europcar, Britain’s leading car rental company has announced new efforts to bring ease of travel to embattled UK holidaymakers.

With the forecasted rebound in spring and summer travel hit hard by the ongoing rail and airline industrial disputes, not to mention the massive disruptions caused by the Iceland volcanic ash cloud, travel plans for Britons have once again been thrown into chaos of late.

To combat this, Europcar has made significant efforts to redistribute its sizeable fleet to the worst affected areas across the continent, most noticeably around ferry ports along the south coast of the UK and also in London, which is experiencing a massive demand for hire vehicles.

Furthermore, Europcar has issued reminders to all its customers that when travelling to mainland Europe, the most secure and reliable form of transportation is through one of their thousands of quality rentals.

The specially designed EuropDrive package from Europcar provides rental customers with full overseas breakdown coverage, along with reliable advice on driving and travelling abroad from the RAC. The RAC also offers regional breakdown contact details and a VE103 form. The unique package can be booked online or at any rental depot when collecting your holiday vehicle, although remember that the car will need to be returned to the UK eventually.