Airbus has joined with some of the largest airlines in Europe to put pressure on the European Union to come up with a solution to the increasing threat of retaliation from other countries over its carbon emissions tax.  The planemaker and airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France-KLM want European leaders to get involved and try and find a global solution to emissions from airlines.

A letter has been sent to the leaders of the UK, Spain, Germany and France asking them to find a way of avoiding a trade conflict as the aviation industry finds the situation in Europe increasingly intolerable.

If the EU continues with its current stubborn attitude to the problem it could miss out on leading the rest of the world when it comes to solving the problem of pollution from airlines. Countries including Russia, China and the US have already said that any decisions made about limits on greenhouse gases should be down to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The United Nations organisation has recently appointed a dedicated group to look at ways of reducing the effect on the environment of emissions from commercial jets. The group is expected to announce its findings before the end of this year.

Last month a meeting was called in Moscow where 29 nations put their signatures to a document protesting against the EU law. In a recent press release China said that it had cancelled orders with Airbus worth $12 billion.