UK consumer are searching less for car hire online according to data recently released by Greenlight, the leading independent search marketing agency in Britain.

In the period from June to September the company’s findings, contained in their ‘Car Hire Sector Report – Q3 2009’, there were 5.8 million searches that contained car-hire relative terms – with just 1.5 million searches recorded in the month of September. This represents a fall of some 25 percent against August results and a whopping 34 percent when measured against searches made in July.

The Greenlight survey further found that some of the car hire industry’s key players have slid down the ratings rankings on their own league table which covers the 60 most visible online sites per quarter for car hire. The report utilises data from the industry and classifies 356 of UK based searcher’s most popular travel and car hire destinations. This independent research data then creates a profile based on search terms used to locate renatl companies within every location and also how popular respective search terms are. This data is ultimately used on page one of Google’s results for car hire searches, with the highest ranked becoming the most visible.

UK based consumers, says the report, most often searched for ‘car hire’ at 13 percent followed by ‘car rental’ at 5 percent while ‘car hire UK’ came in at 3 percent.

In total there were 476,000 searches made, with European based destinations the most popular at 31 percent followed by UK & Ireland at 18 percent, North America at 9 percent and just 5 percent for Australaisa and the Far East.