The German Foreign Minister has reportedly told visitors that are coming from overseas that he can see no reason for terrorist alerts that have been issued by the United States and UK governments. These alerts came out to warn their citizens that could be located in Germany right now. It is believed that the alerts have to do with this weekend’s federal election that is coming up.

Frank Walter Steinmeier, speaking in Berlin, said that there is no need for any of their foreign tourists to be cautious at this moment in time. He said that he sees no reason for a travel alert at all and is unsure why London and Washington have issued one.

The travel alert that was posted on the United States State Department website this past Wednesday said that until November 11th, Germany will be listed as one of the six countries that could be potentially dangerous to visit at the present time.

The website went on to say that the Department of State alerts United States citizens that al Qaida has threatened to carry out terrorist attacks in Germany just prior to the federal elections, which take place on September 27. German security sources have said that these terror threats are still abstract, and there has been no concrete indication that these attacks will take place.

In Germany, the security at airports and train stations were tightened just last week. There has also been a big increase in the number of armed police that are patrolling the streets.