Apparently, armed police stormed a plane at London Heathrow Airport just recently due to fears of a terror threat. The police swarmed the Dubai-bound Emirates plane as it was taxiing on the tarmac before take off.

Passengers that were on the plane were terrified as they watched police, which were apparently armed with aromatic weapons, stormed the flight. Some witnesses say that they handcuffed the suspect, who was said to be a white male, and got him off the aircraft quickly. There were also reports of another individual being arrested as well.

Airports have been on high alert like this ever since the failed Christmas Day bombing that was going to take place on a Detroit bound plane. This newest raid came after a verbal threat was made as the plane taxied to the runway. The pilot immediately returned the plane to the terminal.

Reports show that three men were arrested and taken off the plane. The passengers were kept aboard the jet for more than four hours while sniffer dogs searched the cabin. Later on it emerged that the threat was made by a drunk English passenger.

One traveler said that the police swarmed to the guy and rushed him out of the plane. The traveler also noted that the man seemed pretty calm, and there was no shouting or screaming at all. Despite all of the drama that was taking place, the airport remained open the whole time. Passengers at Heathrow airport will be the first to undergo checks by full body scanners.