Everyone that lives in the UK is well aware that snowfall and bad weather is still causing a ton of travel problems for people. In fact, the snow has just recently shutdown Gatwick Airport for the second time in a week. As of right now, Heathrow is currently open, but its operators say that travelers should be aware that there are a number of cancellations and delays taking place.

Other airports like Birmingham Airport and even Cardiff Airport were also closed for a bit but are now back open. However, they too warn of pending delays and cancellations due to the snow. Of course, travelers should note that it’s not just the airlines that are having problems. In fact, this heavy snow is affecting the roadways and rail systems as well.

Train services have been severely disrupted for many companies. This includes: East Coast, First Great Western, First TransPennine Express, London Midland, London Overground, National Express East Anglia, Northern Rail, South West Trains and Southeastern. All of these rail companies are currently expecting delays.

Eurostar is the only company that says that it’s running a near normal service. However, as many can guess, it’s hard for any company to be running a normal service right now.

For many people around the UK, the roadways are just as bad if not worse. Roads and bridges like the M48 Old Severn bridge are now closed. This has stranded a lot of drivers in Devon. It is unlikely that these roads or bridges won’t open back up until the heavy snow slows down a bit.