New reports show that Jet Airways, one of India’s premier international airlines, has just recently implemented Autonomy Corporation’s, a global leader in infrastructure software, web content management solutions to help enhance their website’s performance. Now the airline will be able to provide their travelers with a more compelling online experience. This is set to happen by way of adding more dynamic content like videos, images, blogs, online surveys and social media tools to the website.

Jet Airways says that they have recognized the importance of creating a very engaging experience for their visitors in order to support their very extensive network both in India and across the globe. This is one reason why Jet Airways has chosen to set up their website in multiple languages, so that many different countries could benefit from it.

Autonomy Corporation was selected by Jet Airways after a very extensive evaluation process. However, at the end of the evaluation, Jet Airways found that Autonomy Corporation would be able to take care of everything that they needed and then some.

The general manager of eCommerce and innovations at Jet Airways, Belson Coutinho, said that the airline’s mission has always been to deliver real time and seamless digital experience for their travel partners. He went on to say that, as a result, they recognized the critical importance of delivering a speedy, and more dynamic website.

The CEO of Autonomy Corporation, Rafiq Mohammadi, said that they are very pleased to be working with Jet Airways. Their goal is to deliver a very engaging and interactive website for the carrier and its passengers.