Investigators looking in to the cause of the plane crash in Libya on May 12 have announced that the disaster, which killed 103 people, was not caused by mechanical failure. A preliminary examination of the aircraft black-box flight recorders, seems to show that there was enough fuel on board for the plane to have stayed in the air and that there was no cry for help at any time.

Head of the Libyan commission of crash investigators, Neji Dhaou, said that it remains unclear why the Afriqiyah Airlines jet, which crashed in Tripoli, went down. He added that it could be a long time before any firm conclusions are arrived at. He went on to say that from the information recovered so far, there was no indication that the aircraft had experienced any technical difficulties before going down.

The black-box recorders were taken to Paris for examination, where the process was overseen by an international team of observers. Officials say that can also rule out the possibility of terrorism having anything to do with the crash.

There were 11 crew and 93 passengers on board the Airbus A380 as it came down in Tripoli. The only survivor of the devastation was a nine-year-old Dutch boy. Of the 93 passengers, 70 were Dutch citizens travelling to Libya from Johannesburg in South Africa.

The crew was all from Libya, but there were also passengers who were nationals from the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The jet crashed when it missed the runway at Tripoli airport.