German carrier Lufthansa has announced it will be launching A380 service between Frankfurt and Singapore later in the year.

The state-of-the-art Airbus aircraft will offer a highly anticipated first class cabin, which includes features like sound absorbing carpet and curtains as well as a five-star exclusive toilet. Many passengers on the flight will be booked on Lufthansa’s Australia-bound service, where passengers will transfer to a codeshare A380 flight in Singapore operated by the city-state’s flag carrier Singapore Airlines.

The Lufthansa route, which is currently operated by a Boeing 747-400, an older and smaller aircraft, will soon enable passengers to travel from Europe to the Australian continent entirely on the world’s biggest aircraft, GM Kai Peters of Lufthansa Australia said. He added that the journey would be made even more attractive to travellers thanks to the connection taking place in the world-class Changi Airport in Singapore.

The new Lufthansa A380 is equipped to carry a total of 526 passengers. There are eight private first class cabins, 98 business class suites and 420 seats for economy class travellers. Seating in first class measures 80 cm wide and 207 cm in length and tickets expected to sell for around US $12,000 (£7,440) for the trip from Europe to Australia.