Russia’s president, Dmitry Medvedev, has rounded on officials who are claiming that the case behind the recent bombing of Moscow’s main airport has been solved. The remarks were made after Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Prime Minister, said the case was close to being closed.

Medvedev said it was irresponsible to say that the crime had been solved before there had even been a court case or a verdict delivered following a court case. The president told Alexander Bortnikov, head of federal security service the FSB, that nobody yet had the right to announce that the crime was solved. He did however add that there had been some progress and that things were moving in the right direction.

It is unknown whether Medvedev was aware of Putin’s comments when he made his remarks. Putin told a group of television executives who had asked him if there were any firm leads in the case that, on the whole, the case was already as good as solved.

Security officials have already said that believe the suicide bomber who attacked Domodedovo Airport was aged 20 and came from the troubled North Caucasus region. The Russian authorities are now trying to hunt down the group behind the attack.

The explosion killed 36 people and injured another 150 as the bomb was detonated in the arrivals hall of the airport last month. Russia is due to hold presidential elections next year, and Putin and Medvedev are still to announce which of them will be standing so they do not compete against one another.