Hawaii-based entrepreneurs Justin MacNaughton and Warren Doi have unveiled a new vision for eco-friendly car hire. They have launched the new Green Car Hawaii which aims to simplify the rental process while at the same time saving the environment.

The pair has decided on the new approach to an established industry as they believe the customer service aspect of hiring a vehicle is less than memorable. According to Doi, they hope to provide an experience that customers will remember.

The business model proposed by the pair differs from other rental organisations in that it will feature the latest sports-utility vehicles, equipped with eco-friendly technology that will be made available only to guests at hotels. These guests will be entitled to rent the hybrid vehicles based on a flat hourly rate, meaning that the customer will pay only for time used.

MacNaughton claims that in most cases, car hirers use their vehicle for only 10 – 20 per cent of their actual stay, meaning they are required to pay out for daily or weekly rates even when the product is unused. A pilot launch for the Green Car program will take place at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa in Poipu. The property will manage a fleet of around six Ford Escape Hybrids, which has provided the space free of charge.

The hourly rate will be around $15, with reservations made at a dedicated kiosk in the hotel lobby. The rate includes insurance and fuel costs. Guests simply present their booking ticket to the valet team for collection of their vehicle.