Tory MP Oliver Letwin has come under fire for apparently saying he does not want to see any more Sheffield families having the ability to go on a cheap holiday. The comment was allegedly made by the MP for West Dorset to Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

At a meeting in London last month, Mr Johnson said he was horrified to hear one of his colleagues declare that fewer people should have the ability to enjoy a foreign holiday. He did not reveal who had said this.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has put pressure on Mr Letwin to apologise. He added that if he visits Sheffield he should do so with care. However, Tory leader David Cameron has indicated that he thinks Mr Letwin may not have been quoted correctly. He said that often when he looked at the complete quote it was different to that which has been reported in the press.

Mr Letwin, a millionaire, has since said that he could not comment on the accusation, but that he was not aware that he had ever made an offensive remark. He added that he was passionately behind Nick Clegg’s programme to increase social mobility and that he fully supported any scheme to help people improve the condition of their lives.

David Blunkett has hit out by saying that it is unforgivable that one of the Prime Minister’s key advisors has not been able to stand up and offer an apology to those who live and work in Sheffield.