The traditional discounts on airfare for the month of January have started earnestly with many airlines joining the price war. bmi has cut their prices on several of their Middle Eastern and European flights which include Moscow flights starting at £185 and Amman flights to start at £399. Plus, flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh will start at £64, and flights for Dublin will start at £57. easyJet has announced that they will be having a seat sale as well that will start this week in a series, with prices to be revealed.

Ryanair is yet another airline who has announced the sale of millions of seats for only £15 each on all of their services as part of an attempt to cut airfare by as much as 20% during the winter. Stephen McNamara, a spokesman for Ryanair, said that he anticipated that travelers were hit by the economic downturn and looks forward to the price war between the carriers.

All of this comes after British Airways and Virgin Atlantic started a price war a couple week ago, cutting their fares by up to 25% for some flights, with Virgin Atlantic undercutting British Airways by £1 on several long-haul services, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

In early December, Giovanni Bisignani, the Chief Executive of the International Air Transport Association, warned the aviation industry that they were facing their worst decline in travel that they have seen in decades due to a fall in confidence from consumers. The recession is also anticipated to hit their sales with more people seeking savings and not traveling abroad during the New Year holiday period.