A Twitter competition by Qantas has backfired after it recieved thousands of angry responses from consumers disrupted by the recent strikes.

Australia’s national airline, which remains amid a bitter dispute with labour unions, had challenged consumers to describe ‘Qantas luxury’, offering its own gift packs as prizes.

But instead, the competition has been used by thousands of angry customers in the effort of venting frustration in the wake of recent events.

The contest wrapped up just a day after talks between the airline’s management and labour union officials had been declared over and weeks after Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce’s decision to ground the entire airline worldwide left thousands of travellers stranded.

One Twitter user blogged on the site that Qantas luxury was providing customers with more than three minutes of notice that the whole airline was going on strike. Another described it as sitting on a private jet and sipping campaign whilst customers, staff members and all of Australia remained grounded. One person said that their idea of Qantas luxury was finally being refunded for grounded flights almost a month later.

The airline has since jokingly declared that it would take ‘years’ to judge the contest, whilst social media critic Peter Clarke called the competition an “Epic PR fail” and said Qantas had shown exceptional “corporate cultural tone deafness”.