The RAC Foundation has claimed that drivers in the future will likely have to pay road tax by the mile.

The prediction, announced yesterday in a report on road funding, is seen by motoring’s governing body as the only way to prevent traffic gridlock and congestion on British roads according to Professor Stephen Glaister, the director of the RAC, who argued that pay-as-you-go tolls were the only credible solution to what is becoming an increasingly problematic issue.

The findings of Professor Glaister coincide with the latest Ipsos Mori poll, where 58 per cent of drivers were discovered to agree in principle on the implementation of a per-mile charge as a means make them reconsider their vehicle use and how this could be reduced. However, several other driving groups were quick to point out that any per-mile tax would affect the poorer most of all if it was imposed during busy rush-hour periods. The RAC report also argued that any new road pricing would require a consequent reduction in tax disc charges and fuel duties, and compensation must be accounted for in the event of delays.

According to the RAC Foundation, traffic on British roads will likely increase by 33 per cent by the year 2025, leading Professor Glaister to state that some type of pay-as-you-go program would be inevitable, likening such a scheme to those already in place for electricity and gas usage. Professor Glaister also warned that a failure to act now by politicians would merely compound the matter for future generations, and urged the government to take immediate steps to addressing the problem.