The weekend saw the termination of the frequent flyer agreement between Qantas and SAS airlines.

An official press release from SAS said that although the bilateral agreement between the two airlines was coming to a close that they would maintain a “strong commercial relationship.” It said that the move comes as a result of their memberships in Star Alliance and Oneworld, respectively.

The change went into effect on the 30th of April, so those looking to book cross-airline award flights can no longer do so, however there is still time to claim mileage for flights leading up to the termination date –travellers have until the 30th of October to request credit.

The change is not unexpected, as SAS’s Star Alliance partners Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines look to get in on the lucrative Asia-Australia portion of the so-called Kangaroo route. Likewise, Oneworld members British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Finnair also look to fill more seats to and from Europe, particularly since Finnair will be upping its capacity from Singapore late this month.

Despite the change, SAS and Qantas are continuing to offer joint fares between Europe and Australia with connections in Asia. Qantas frequent flyers will be able to accrue QFF mileage on the Qantas portion of the trip whilst SAS member can accrue EuroBonus points.