The government has been warned that its spending cuts will mean an increase in bus fares across the country. The House of Commons Transport Committee has heard from a number of transport company bosses including Arriva Bus UK’s managing director, Mike Cooper, who said North Yorkshire fares were set to go up by six per cent, fares in Staffordshire would rise by seven per cent and bus fares in Derbyshire could go up by as much as 10 per cent.

The Local Government Association has written to the committee explaining that cutbacks will mean inevitable increases in fares as well as a reduction of services. Mr Cooper confirmed that frequencies were already being revised and routes removed.

Stagecoach UK Bus service performance director, Robert Montgomery, said the impact on services would be greatest towards the south of the country, in the Shire counties and in the Midlands. He warned that in some areas there could be price hikes of around six per cent on tickets.

Bus company Norfolk Green, which serves customers in the region of East Anglia, has confirmed that although there has not yet been a rise in fares there might well be in the future. The firm’s managing director, Ben Colson, said a reduction of between four per cent and five per cent was being made to bus journey mileage.

Devon County Council has written to the committee explaining that prospects were looking bad for local bus services. It added that the prospects for services in rural areas were looking terrible.