Eurostar has seen a rise in bookings over the upcoming weekend of the royal wedding in London.

The rail company, which links continental Europe to the United Kingdom via high speed trains through the Channel Tunnel, said that it had sold 28% more UK-bound tickets for the week ending on the 29th of April than it had in 2010.

The news signals the onset of ‘royal wedding fever’, as thousands of visitors are expected to head to London for the once in a lifetime event in which Prince William will join hands with Kate Middleton. Eurostar boasts that many ‘fever victims’ will take advantage of its high-speed service, which it says can bring passengers from Amsterdam or Cologne to London in just four hours, or from Marseille in just six.

“Not since Charles and Diana married in 1981 have we seen such huge interest across the continent in the British royal family,” said Lionel Benbassat, Eurostar’s chief of sales and marketing for France. He added, “People are truly fascinated by this wedding and they want to experience the excitement of the big day and the party atmosphere first hand.”

Mr Benbassat also noted the diverse range of interest in the wedding from European travellers: “This fascination isn’t just limited to countries that have a monarchy themselves. We’ve seen a surge in bookings from republican Germany and France as well as from Belgium and the Netherlands, which have their own monarchies. After three years of financial austerity, it looks like Europe is gearing up for party.”