As a way of helping to keep congestion to a minimum during the Olympic Games this summer, Transport for London has unveiled a new website which will allow passengers to use an interactive map, select travel dates and see just how busy stations are expected to be during the event. Details on the Paralympics will be available later on.

Stations which are expected to be particularly popular in the summer will be labelled busier than usual, exceptionally busy, or restricted operations. The predictions have been calculated by taking the volume of commuters usually using the stations during the summer months and adding the number of people expected to visit for the Games.

As a way of tackling some of the congestion the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway will run earlier on Sundays and about and hour later than is normal on weekdays. There will also be more evening services running on the District, Central and Jubilee Lines.

Other than helping visitors to plan which stations to avoid during peak periods, the website offers advice on how best to travel within London. It offers sage advice such as avoid driving a car into busy areas, carefully look at all the travel options available, plan well ahead, and be aware of all the travel hotspots.

Peter Hendy, London Transport Commissioner, was attending the site’s launch. He said that there are two objectives this summer, to keep the capital moving and to make sure that everyone has a great Olympic Games.