It now seems that the global internet media company, Travelzoo, has just announced recently that it has now hit more than 1.5 million (non-duplicated) subscribers in the UK. This includes such publications as Travelzoo Top 20 and Newsflash, which is a travel deal alert service. Ever since January of this year, Travelzoo has been able to add more than 375,000 UK subscribers. This is an increase of more than 35 percent.

It now seems that the Travelzoo publications are starting to be used with a very increasing frequency. This could be due to the fact that many UK families are still into the idea of taking a vacation during the recession. However, many of them are short on the money to do such vacations, and thus, they need to know about the latest deals. Many UK travelers may be getting the idea that Travelzoo can help them find the best deals and, thus, still make travel possible during these hard times.

Ever since January 1 of this year, Travelzoo has received about 500,000 clicks per week. This is compared to the 360,000 clicks it got per week around the same time of last year. So far this year, the biggest month for Travelzoo was back in August when subscribers actually clicked on 634,684 travel offer recommendations. This could show just how desperate many UK families are to finally go on their long awaited vacation.

The commercial director for Travelzoo, Stephen Dunk, said that they are very delighted to have achieved this kind of success. Now with over 1.5 million subscribers, Travelzoo has been able to establish itself as one of the most known travel information sites.