New York’s JFK International airport could soon be the home to a new high-class boutique hotel, according to recent reports. The owners of the TWA Flight Centre, which closed its doors in 2001, are hoping that developers will see the potential of transforming the Eero Saarinen designed building into a top-end hotel with considerable cultural cachet.

The flight centre was opened in 1962 and is distinctive because it is shaped like a bird with its wings outstretched. It is considered an important architectural as well as historic landmark. Because of this, according to the current owners, any development would have to work around the original design.

The building currently serves as the entrance to Jetblue’s T5 which opened its doors in 2009. However, much of the TWA terminal remains unused and has cost its owners a large amount of money in restoration bills to make sure the structure remains safe and so that it is a more attractive proposition for potential developers.

According to a spokesperson for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority, the building would be capable of housing around 150 rooms. It would appeal to a niche-market and be attractive to those looking for a boutique-style hotel.

In the event that a developer decides to take on the conversion, New York would gain a property which could be listed alongside redevelopments including the Renaissance St Pancras hotel, which is a conversion of the once dilapidated station hotel in London, and the Shangri-La which recently opened its doors in Paris.