Recently there seems to be no hope for the UK travel industry. With reports of strikes, businesses closing and bad weather, it would appear that no one is going to make it to their holiday destination. However, the bad news is not over yet. Apparently bad weather continues to be a problem for many people trying to make it to their destinations before Christmas.

Right now temperatures in the UK are lower than that of Alaska, and it continues to plunge the UK into travel chaos. However, airports are not the only places that are seeing delays. Apparently travel has been disrupted on the roadways and railways as well.

Recently at Heathrow Airport, where temperatures dropped way down to -5.3°C, British Airways had to cancel its flights because of fog. EasyJet was also forced co cancel at least 20 flights to and from the South East, including two at Luton, eight at Gatwick and ten at Standsted. In the end, easyJet had to cancel 36 flights all together when services at Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow were added to the list.

Just the other day, 180 flights had to be scrapped just because of bad weather, 200 flights were scrapped on Monday alone. EasyJet’s website had a message that states that they offer sincere apologies for the disruption, but due to the current weather conditions, they have been forced to cancel some of their flights.

What’s even more alarming is that so far eight people have died due to the weather conditions. Two of these people that were killed, both women, died when their coach overturned on icy roads in Cornwall.