Britain’s FCO has updated its travel advice regarding Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami last month.

According to the agency’s website, British nationals are no longer advised to avoid all but essential travel to Tokyo. However it has stated that all non-essential travel to heavily effected areas north and east of Tokyo should still be avoided as the area continues to struggle with clean up efforts and the ongoing nuclear crisis.

The news comes as workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station continue to work to prevent further disaster. The past few days have seen crews inject nitrogen into the reactors in the effort of stopping further hydrogen explosions. Likewise, Tepco workers recently filled in a crack in the plant where highly radioactive water was spilling into the Pacific.

Despite the plug, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano said that they were not out of the woods yet. He said they were beginning to examine the crack and see if the leak had been blocked completely or if there were still other leaks allowing contaminated water into the ocean.

Meanwhile, controversy has flared up after Tepco submitted its plans for two new nuclear stations less than two weeks after the disasters hit. However spokesman Hiro Hasegawa said that the plans were submitted due to the requirements of its annual electricity plans.