It now appears that the very first multi purse smart card, with a pay as you go travel purse, has finally been launched in Bolton, England. This card has been launched as a result of a partnership between the Bolton Council, the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, ticketing systems provider Parkeon, Arriva Buses, Applied Card Technologies, and sQuid. Applied Card Technologies is a UK company that specializes in the installation and the operation of smart card transactions.

This great new multi purse smart card enables card holders to be able to access council services. It also uses an eMoney retail purse and ITSO, which stands for Integrated Transport Smartcard Organization. This allows users to take advantage of things like pay as you go bus travel.

The card holders will now be able to pay for bus travel on over 30 Arriva bus routes in Bolton with their card. This will be the perfect card for international travelers that are looking for an easy way to get around Bolton. On top of this, these travelers will be able to access council services and shop at local participating stores.

Of course, the children that live in Bolton can also use this card to pay for their bus journey to school, as well as to pay for a snack to take on the bus. This gives kids the chance to be able to get what they need without having to carry any cash with them. Parents will also be able to go online and view the transactions that the kids have made with the card.