Britain’s universities are now using improved on-campus living facilities to boost their image, according to a new report.

The news comes via a survey conducted by the Wates’ building company, whose recent data has revealed that most schools are planning millions of pounds worth of building projects next year for things like on-campus hotels, improved housing and upscale student villages for international students.

Figures in the survey showed that nearly 80 per cent of universities in the UK will spend £5 million or more in the next year for such efforts. Moreover, it also revealed that about two-thirds of schools are planning to construct new overseas student housing developments next year.

Some 50 different universities responded to the survey, Wates reports, and each school was given the option of remaining anonymous.

Analysts say that the phenomenon comes as universities face heavier competition than ever before and are using upscale onsite hotels and student housing to promote the “student experience” in the effort of ensuring degree programs’ financial viability. And overseas students, who often must pay more than the £9,000 required for many upper-level Britons, are a become a target market in such efforts, according to experts.