United Airlines has been chosen as America’s “meanest airline” by US consumers.

The title came via U.S. News & World Report, whose 2012 Airline Quality Ratings revealed that delays and lost luggage are among the top reasons why the carrier earned the top negative spot in the US market.

Reports said that United sees more customer complaints than any other airline in the United States with 2.21 filed for every 100,000 passengers. Moreover, figures from the AQR report said that the Chicago-based carrier, which recently merged with Continental, saw more lost luggage and more flight disruptions in 2011 than the previous year.

Coming in second place for America’s Meanest Airline was Continental, followed by the recently bankrupt American Airlines. Coming in fourth place was US Airways whilst low-cost firm Southwest took the fifth place position.

A spokesman for United said in a statement that many of the complaints filed against the airline last year came as a result of the merger with Continental, in which the company changed many of its systems and policies in order to facilitate the deal. He also added that although the airline’s number of delays increased last year that it cancelled fewer flights than in years prior.