A proposed partnership between Virgin Australia and Singapore airlines has cleared its final barrier.

Thursday saw the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) table its final approval of the tie-up; officials for the regulatory agency said that it was not likely that cooperation between the two airlines would create anti-competitive implications in any market.

The ACCC had previously submitted a draft approval and the Singaporean Competition Commission announced its own final approval several weeks ago.

The deal will enable Singapore’s national carrier and Virgin to begin codeshare operations for one another. The two airlines will also be able to participate in joint promotional campaigns and issue joint-carrier tickets, whilst passengers will be able to earn mileage points with either company.

SIA officials said the effort would give the carrier further reach and greater access to customers in the Australian domestic market. Similarly, Virgin looks to offer an extended array of Asian and global destinations to customers at it continues to expand in its efforts to cater to the region’s business traveller market, which has been long dominated by Qantas.

Virgin has also recently sought partnerships with several other global carriers amid its current strategy, including Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways and Air New Zealand.