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British Airways Strike Could be in the Works Again


British Airways has just recently announced that it will be cutting up to 1,700 jobs and introduce a two year pay freeze to cabin crew. The airline went on to note that the job cuts would actually involve 1,000 cabin crew taking voluntary redundancies and another 3,000 employees agreeing to work part time. These new cuts are set to come in place by the end of next month.

The airline did note that it would continue with its plans to go ahead and recruit new staff on different terms and conditions than the current employees. Of course, the Unite union will be meeting in the next few days to consider the next move. This could include details about another possibility of a strike.

A statement that came out from the airline said that revenues are down, and they must do what has to be done to cut costs and restore profitability to the airline. The statement went on to say that thousands of staff across the airline have already made contributions to the cost reduction program. and the airline is thankful for that.

Just earlier this year the chief executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh, said that he asked the staff to follow his lead to work for a month without pay. Many of the staff did just that. The airline also had to scrap sandwiches on all short haul flights and introduce charges on pre-booked seats. The statement goes on to say that, without changing, the airline will continue to lose more money every month that goes by.